Dear Sweet Little Lion

Written by Irina Gallagher

IMG_20141201_221529 (2)Dear sweet little Lion,

Somehow, two years have passed in the blink of an eye. You have made an astounding impression on our family. You have brought joy to every person who has met you with your exuberant and kind nature. We are so very, very happy that you chose us. There are a million things I have to thank you for, but here are just a few:

Thank you for teaching me to value time. I mean really. value. time.

Thank you for always making me feel wanted and needed.

Thank you for the 729 nights in a row (yes, that’s an exact number) that you let only me put you to sleep at night. Even the bedtimes that lasted for two and a half hours and caused me to storm out of the room in search of an alcoholic beverage (for myself, not for you – though that may have helped as well). I’m sure you remember some of these times, one was just last week.

Sibling LoveThank you for teaching your wonderful older sister how to be patient and nurturing. Thank you for teaching her to relish one-on-one time spent with us, her parents.

Thank you for showing me what a phenomenon sibling love is from a parent’s perspective. Even though the tumultuous nature of it can be downright exhausting, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. Every tiny spat is worth the bounty of endearing moments that I am immensely honored to witness.

Thank you for reminding me how exciting it is to sleep on my stomach (you know, the times when you don’t resist me turning at night).

Thank you for your happiness. There is nothing sweeter than hearing you say “happy” to describe how you feel about something. It’s truly heartwarming.

Thank you for your never-ending willingness to help. I haven’t quite mastered how to handle all this assistance you’re offering, but I’m working on it. I promise.

Thank you for always being ready and willing to go anywhere. ANYWHERE. I would like to go to the bathroom by myself one day, but I appreciate your enthusiasm for adventures, wherever they may lead.

Thank you for your passion about the things you care about – even though this currently translates to quite eventful store visits and neighbors, who I have a sneaking suspicion, are judging my parenting based on how many times per day you release blood-curdling screams about things like knives, with which I won’t let you play.

Thank you for being a welcome reminiscence of loved ones who have passed.

Thank you for showering me with your all-encompassing embraces and your beautiful dimpled smiles on a daily basis. I treasure every single one as if it could be the last.

Thank you for choosing me as your mama. I am forever grateful.

Little Lion Arrives

6 responses to “Dear Sweet Little Lion”

  1. Dan Gallagher says:

    Such a wonderful way to sum up the two years that have passed. Happy Birthday Lev.

  2. Natalia Flaherty says:

    What the honor to be the source of inspiration for such thoughts and words! Happy birthday Levka, thank you that we can read such beautiful blog and associate our selves with this art of gratitude :))))))))))

  3. Emily Horn says:

    Beautiful <3 thank you for the early morning tears. We love you, Lev! Happy birthday!

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